The G-SLEEVE is a plastic alternative sleeve for the UNIPAK and the corrugated shipping container/Kickerbox corrugated pallet box.
Dimension: L 48" x W 40" x H 30",
Color: Gray.

The drop panel in not included to provide! This light weight sleeve is constructed with tough impact resistant polypropylene. Strong, durable, collapsible, weather resistant and environmentally friendly, manufactured with recycled materials and metal free making it completely recyclable. The sleeve can be locked with bottom pallet and top to create a strong and secure system designed for years of service.

They do have National Stock Numbers for US Military requirements. Designed for use with top NSN 8115-01-444-0211 and pallet bottom NSN 8115-01-444-0206.

Specification for G-SLEEVE UNIPAK SMALL

Product number: FS6001
(length x width x height):
48" x 40" x 30"
Version: Plastic Sleeve with 10 mm, 3000 gsm
Static stacked loading: max. 1500 kg (2 on 1)
Color: Grey or Black
Material: PP5, cellular board
Side walls: Sealed edges with loading flaps/load door
Recyclable: 100% recyclable, 100% reusable

Feel free to download our G-SLEEVE flyer with more details: