Save money with returnable packaging

Aside from the fact that our reusable boxes can easily be re-used for up to fifty cycles without reduction of its functional performance (security, weather resistance, general functionality), our products deliver more economic benefits to commercial users.

The original purchase price for our boxes by comparison to ongoing costs for single use packaging offers an amazing value. By comparison to the use of stretch wrapped hardwood pallets, after the 17th use of our system, the user has refinanced the purchase price of each box by saving on new purchases of single use packaging material and repeated purchases of classic wooden pallets.
The user saves not only on the cost of the packaging but typical wrapping or enclosing materials (a classic pallet wrapped with stretch plastic may have up to 150 feet of plastic wrapped around the pallet before shipping). A classic hardwood pallet costs around $ 20 and may be used only two or three times before it becomes structurally unusable, as well as reduction in man hours or labor cost.

Sample calculation of a typical classic wooden pallet with plastic wrapping:

Product: Detailed costs per use:
Standard hardwood pallet: $ 7
Plastic wrap: $ 5
Man hours: $ 15
Total costs: $ 27

A direct comparison between reusable packaging and standard wrapped hardwood pallet delivers the following financial calculation:

  Reusable boxes: Standard hardwood pallet:
Purchase price: $ 200 $ 27
Max useful life: 50 cycles 1 cycle
Solid waste produced during lifetime of use: 4.6 kg
(100% recyclable)
35.9 kg
(57% recyclable)
Gross cost for 50 uses: $ 200 $ 1,350
(including plastic wrap)
Solid waste after 50 uses: 4.6 kg
(100% recyclable)
598 kg
(57% recyclable)

Based on this average comparison, during the course of the useful life of 50 cycles for a reusable box, a customer would save roughly $ 1,150 versus the use of a stretch wrapped hardwood pallet, which tends to be replaced after just one use. Our boxes also deliver additional savings in transport costs. Classic hardwood pallets are not stacked during truck transport, but since our boxes are stacked, a larger number of them can be delivered per truck delivery than is the case when using classic hardwood pallets.